Danette May

Quality Score’s holistic approach increased Danette May’s user acquisition by 63% during their most competitive season

Danette May is one of the most popular US health and fitness figures, providing her immense community of women with exercise, diet and ‘body love’ programs.

The Challenge

The fitness industry is a highly saturated market in which competitors imitate and plagurize ad copy, making it difficult to stand out from other brands and figures.

The Strategy and Goals:

Make value proposition stand out, scale Danette May’s Facebook campaigns and maintain target CPA. We planned to achieve this through innovative campaigns on Facebook’s new ‘Live Post’ feature, leveraging Danette May’s exceptional charisma and genuine live presence.

The Action:

We launched the first Live Post campaign for Danette May’s funnels, with refined content relevancy and links to the product LP. Post elements are rigorously monitored to provide Danette May immediate feedback for optimization..

The Results:

The Live Posts connect, build trust and establish viewer loyalty through authenticity unachievable via alternative ad formats. Successful Live post ads are implemented across all funnels. As a result, Danette May becomes a top fitness celebrity, with millions of loyal followers.


Scaled from 5 figures to 7 figures \ monthly spend

“ “We approached Quality Score to grow and optimize Danette May’s Facebook marketing, and they achieved excellent results. We saw a huge growth in customers and engagment with Danette almost immediately. Their service is outstandingly thorough and professional, and completely exceeded our expectations.” ”

Danette May

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