Shalom Ben Moshe

Chief Media Officer and Co-Founder

“ I’ve always felt like the people who put themselves out there regardless of what those around them may think and say – those who dare to take the challenge and commit to its success — are the only ones who will ever know if it can be done and how well it can be done. I consider myself a risk-taking achiever because I want it done and I want it done well. ”

Shalom initially worked as a PPC Account Manager for Livecity. In 2007 he started working solo as an Affiliate Marketer, which is where his online journey really began. He went on to co-found Softarama, where he served as the Chief Media Officer. A few years later, he saw the perfect job opening at and joined their team first as a Display Advertising Specialist and later, an Online Marketing Strategist. Shalom was responsible for developing the display and social media strategy at – building and managed social media campaigns that started from zero and grew to millions of dollars in monthly advertising budgets.

In 2012, Shalom was headhunted by Quality Score to join as an equal partner and spearhead the company’s social media strategy. As Chief Media Officer at Quality Score, Shalom is responsible for media strategy from development to execution. He is an energetic and passionate leader with a proven ability to integrate strategic planning and solution-oriented techniques. He has overseen social media campaigns that have grown to millions in monthly advertising budgets and has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the company.

Shalom graduated from Ben Gurion University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration. Outside of the office, he enjoys rock concerts and swimming. He’s a true techie at heart – always in need of the latest tech gadget and one fierce gamer in the League of Legends e-sports scene.

Contact Information
Ze’ev Jabotinsky Rd 2, 20th Floor
Ramat Gan, Israel 52505
Phone – +972-77-466-5663
Fax – +972-77-426-0713
LinkedIn: Shalom Ben Moshe

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