One of our clients created an engaging mobile app that provides branded keyboards, integrated with a custom-fit content feed. Their patent technology allows big brands to connect with their fans/followers directly through their smartphones, finding news and updates relevant to the user's interests, together with the brand’s direct news sources.





Our client needed to bring in as many qualified installs – with high retention rates - for as little cost as possible in order to test and optimize a pilot mobile app for a well-known brand.






By leveraging our extensive experience with Facebook campaigns, we devised a comprehensive strategy to increase visibility and drive mobile app downloads. Our Facebook strategy included:


  • Multivariate analysis to find the best ads and target groups.
  • Optimization of campaigns to achieve the best cost-per-install (CPI).
  • Formulate bidding strategy to maximize installs from high quality (retaining) users.


We found that a combination of interest-based targeting, demographics, and custom audience development were the most successful in reaching an international audience. Extensive image and copy testing increased CTR, kept CPI low, and increased user engagement. Using the same strategy, we gradually took on more of their brands until we were managing campaigns for 10 different mega-brands, expanding reach to 84 different countries in just one year—ultimately breaking through new market not yet tapped by mobile apps.


kibo-case-study (1)


“After carefully exploring several top media agencies, we decided to go with Quality Score to help with our mobile app installs and it was, without a doubt, the right choice. They have managed 10 different brands for us. On average, they brought thousands of new installs daily, in more than 80 different countries, and have managed to keep CPI low. We have every interest in continuing to work with Quality Score as we make plans to grow and develop our app for varying brands.”