In a world where everyone’s encountered online scams and overpromising products, convincing users to trust your brand has never been more important.

And it’s not just about making that first sale. Trust is essential for retaining brand loyalty—an absolute necessity if you want your customers to spread the word to their friends and family and keep opening their wallets for years to come.

In fact, 67% of consumers agree to the statement:

“A good reputation may get me to try a product, but unless I come to trust the company behind the product, I will soon stop buying it.”

So, how can you create ads which best use your Health or Fitness presenter?

First, Research!


Who are their competitors or the most successful in their field? Get a sense of what people are already responding to. However, don’t imitate others, you want to create your own, original content and audience, true to your presentor. If people feel they’ve already seen or heard a similar ad, there’s a higher chance they’ll just keep scrolling. Grab attention with originality!

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the audience. When you create the ad for the presenter, create it specifically for these viewers, speaking their language, targeting their lifestyle and relevant to their interests.

Establish Your Presenter’s Image

  • Establish authority: Verbalize your presenter’s experience in the field, such as referring to their patients\clients, even describing specific cases. Their social media should accurately reflect their brand\product, and establish the credibility and reputation of the presenter. Most people will conduct even minimal amounts of research on the brand\presenter before purchasing the product.
  • Drop references to any large achievements or professional projects, such as a book they've written, an award they received, a big research project, a well-known clinic they run, a program, (like a fitness challenge, facebook group’s name), a youtube channel or any other social media platform) they have
  • Appearance: Think of them as a lead character in a TV show. What should they look like? Wear a uniform, a doctor’s coat, a suit, attractive gym clothing? Utilize what’s known as “The Uniform Effect”, which is the principle that clothing sends your brain a signal about who you are and how to behave. The presenter's appearance should immediately convey and further reinforce their profession, further establishing authority. The viewer's subconscious mind will interpret this immediately.


Choosing Ad Topics and Writing the Scripts

  • Address common issues you hear about or questions you get from your followers\clients\patients.
  • Keep your content extremely relevant to current trends in the field, OR classic topics your presenter csn shed new light on. Be VERY careful not to give controversial or pseudo-science answers of advice. This can harm credibility, and cause viewers to leave negative reactions and comments under the ad, which the Facebook algorithm will perceive as a negative experience, and harm the ad’s performance.
  • Keep the tone of the video professional, yet warm and personal. Imagine one of the presenter's followers, and write as if you're speaking to them. The viewer should feel as if the presenter is having a one-on-one conversation with them, not reading a script or giving a speech.
  • You can also reveal a glimpse of their personal lives and experiences. This helps establish bonds with the viewer, making them appear honest, relatable and personal.


Use USPs for Brand Loyalty

You want to highlight specific unique aspects of the product or presenter that set them apart from others in the same field.

  • If the product is 100% natural, sustainable or includes special or exotic ingredients, bring attention to those qualities. This makes your product memorable or special, and causes the viewer to feel they’ll be purchasing a high-quality item that has been thoughtfully designed and sourced.
  • Mention and causes or charities the presenter is involved in. Research conducted by NielsenIQ proved over and over that sales and brand loyalty rises (especially among millennial consumers) when a product\ brand is giving back to important social or environmental causes. This positions your brand as personally caring and supportive of consumer health and communities.


Filming the Ad

  • Appearance: What we see sets the stage and expectations for the video, and can add to the credibility of the presenter. Film ads in an environment that reflects their field, such as a clinic for a doctor, or gym for a fitness expert. Make sure the setting is well lit, neat and attractive.
  • Props: If filming for example, a cooking demo, make sure the kitchen is attractive, and all food, props and tools are clearly in the shot.
    If filming a product demo, make sure the product is visible the entire time, and include close ups of products, as well as how to use them.
  • Editing, Headlines and Post Texts

Make sure to give your ad an intriguing and feedstopping headline and thumbnail. This is crucial, because even if your ad itself is great, if you can’t first get the viewer to stop and click on it, they’ll never get to watch it.

You can further extend the ‘personal’ feeling by creating post texts for your ad written in the presenter's voice.

Remember, Facebook has very strict compliance rules for all written texts as well!


Follow Up and Future Ads

Read the comments left by users. Respond and engage with them, even if it’s a negative reaction. Most companies don’t recognize just how much viewers appreciate this, it makes them feel listened to and cared for.

Additionally, use their questions and comments as feedback, inspiration and directions for your next ad. They’re a wealth of information regarding points of interest, purchasing hesitations, and lifestyle insights about your potential customers. It’s incredibly valuable!

It may seem complex, but we’ve helped our clients succeed and profit by creating some of the top performing ads on Facebook using these exact guidelines. With some trial and error and A\B testing, you’ll find exactly what works for your presenter and brand.

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand Facebook’s ad algorithms, grab attention and stand out in your viewer’s feed. Contact us now so we can help you scale up your ads wisely and profit the way you deserve!