It has been an exciting and exceptionally successful year for Quality Score and before we turn the proverbial page, we would like to share with you some of our major accomplishments of 2016 and our projected goals for the coming year.

New Recruits

We take great pride in the fact that we are a full-service digital marketing agency, performing all functions in-house. Our company is currently comprised of a unique team of developers, analysists, mathematicians, copywriters, graphic designers, marketers, and campaign managers. This year we hired 14 new, super-smart nerds, bringing our team to a total of 33 staff members. In 2017, we aim to hire 10 more employees while maintain our profit margin.

Here are the charming new faces of 2016:


As our team grew this year, we were able to enhance our organizational structure. Our departments are now broken down by platform (Google, Facebook, and Native advertising), creative studio, client communications, finance, and human resources—with expert-level directors overseeing each division.

New Office

To make way for our growing team, this year we moved our office space to the prestigious Atrium Tower in Ramat Gan. The new office is a striking blend of open work space stations, executive offices, private conference rooms, lounge/games rooms, and an open lunchroom—breathing new life into our work environment.


Our continued growth this year, triggered renovations that made way for 8 new work stations and by Q2 of 2017, we project to expand our office even more.


Our proprietary technology, the Q System, has seen significant advancements this year. Most notably, we have developed new custom tools, testing techniques, and made major enhancements to our unique reporting engine. By and large this has helped us negate human error and manage large accounts with precision and efficiency. We plan to invest substantially in making more headway with our technology in the coming year.


As an Israel-based agency, we export our services to large, international businesses predominately located in the United States and from a wide range of industries. Our client base has grown considerably this year and has further broadened our range of industries. Our goal for 2017, is not only to bring in more clients but, more significantly, to increase client communication and satisfaction.


Overall, we have seen phenomenal growth of more than 100% YOY. Our media spend this year increased to $60 million and we project to be managing $100 million by mid-2017.




This year we sponsored two major conferences in the United States. Sponsoring these types of industry events affords us the opportunity to not only forge new partnerships but also to get inspired by new insights within the industry. In the coming year, we plan to continue our financial support for these important events in the efforts to not only advance our agency but also be a part of advancing the industry as a whole.


Continuing education is an important element of our success. This year our team attended several workshops, meet-ups, and conferences, including:

  • Decoded Tech Face-off with Facebook
  • Executive UX Meetup
  • Video Accelerator Workshop with Facebook
  • Creative Gym with Facebook
  • Facebook. Today. Tomorrow.


Giving Back

For us it’s not just about business, it’s about building a strong foundation for our unique culture to flourish. We do this by giving back to our employees and actively seeking out ways to give back to our community.

This year we took a company trip to Jerusalem and hosted numerous holiday parties, picnics, yoga classes, and happy hour shenanigans.


We also took part in supporting several nonprofit organizations this year.

In March, we participated in Good Deeds Day, in which we volunteered for Perach (“Flower”), an Israeli nonprofit organization that offers children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, social and educational support.

In September, we donated all of our conference booth furnishings to Give Kids The World Village, a US nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

In November, we participated in the Tel Aviv Night Run to raise funds for Sunrise Israel,  a nonprofit organization that provides meals, toys, activities, and social support to children living with cancer.


Overall it's been a phenomenal year!

We look forward to sharing more about our journey with you in the coming year.