An essential competency at the core of platform marketing success today is compliance. Compliance is an unavoidable hurdle that businesses face when marketing online—and one not to be taken lightly.


For marketers whose business falls within an industry that is more explicitly regulated than others, or an industry that falls in the grey space in-between, product advertising on online platforms can be a challenge but not necessarily impossible. Nonetheless, no matter what industry you are in, you are always at risk of having an ad disapproved, an account disabled, and – worse of all – a domain and page banned on account of issues pertaining to compliance.


It’s a worthy matter to be scared of and while we can’t guarantee you advice that will keep your accounts 100% safe, we can give you as much information as possible to help you make sure that you are compliant and stay on a platform’s good side—regardless of what industry you are in.


So, here’s how we plan to feed your mind the best information out there that will help you avoid or resolve compliance issues at any stage and in any industry…


This is an introduction to a serial post that will definitively form the ultimate best practices guide to platform advertising compliance. This guide is informed by a combination of not just the terms of service one can easily find on Google and Facebook advertising policy pages—generalized and often vague—but more significantly, the specific discoveries we have gained over the course of 500 million dollars of experience in media spend.


The purpose, no matter what industry you are in, we want to help you keep your accounts safe and compliant. So before you read on, be sure to bookmark this page now, as you’ll want to return to it as we continue to dive deeper and deeper into one of the fundamental competencies required for platform marketing success.


[INTRO] Best Practices Guide To Google And Facebook Compliance (June 1, 2016)


[Part 1] What is Compliance & Why Do Platforms Forge Promotion Policies? (June 14, 2016)


[ALERT] New Facebook Policy Could Put Your Accounts at Risk(November 22, 2016)


[Part 2] General Advertising Guidelines for Google and Facebook (Coming Soon)


[Part 3] How Ads Get Disapproved, Accounts Disabled, & Domains Banned (Coming Soon)


[Part 4] What to Do if Your Site, Ad, or Account Gets Banned (Coming Soon)


So, without further ado…


[Part 1] What is Compliance & Why Do Platforms Forge Promotion Policies?

[Part 3] Understanding How Ads Get Disapproved, Accounts Get Disabled, and Domains & Pages Get Banned