With the rise of video on social media outlets like TikTok and Instagram reels, one might believe that other media is becoming obsolete. Yet, Facebook Lives went up 50% since spring of 2021. That’s why it’s very important to NOT abandon other media platforms like Facebook Lives. 

Surprisingly, only 12% of brands use Facebook Lives!

That is why we want YOU to take advantage of it and be one of the presenters to use Facebook Lives to attract new audiences, sell more of your product or service, and become a TOP influencer in the fitness industry. Here is the perfect formula for a GREAT live that will help drive sales and engagement:

Differentiate if your audience is cold or warm (can we call it TOF vs BOF)


It's important to choose whether you are talking to an audience that is familiar with you and your product or one that has never heard about you before. The way you address both audiences is different, and so is the content you put up.

If you are talking to a new audience, make sure to introduce yourself and the topic within the first 10 seconds of the Live. In a few steps, we'll show you how to talk about your product or service.

Choose a topic that has to do with your product or service, and speak about it. Then, find a way to connect it to you and your product.

Talking only about your product or service might be tempting, but make sure you mix it up as often as you can!

For example, let's imagine you have a workout plan. A great idea for a Live would be to showcase an exercise routine you can do while sitting at your desk. If you are selling a supplement, you can explain how to incorporate this into your meals.

Now it's time to transition between the Live and your product or service!

Make sure to have a good transition between the topic of the Live and your product/service pitch.

Relate the topic of the live to your user’s interests, your product, and your service. To do so, you can say that this type of routine can be found on your program, along with whatever else you offer.

If you want to talk directly about your product, say how often you take it and what are the benefits. 

Answer FAQ

As a presenter, you might get a lot of questions about your product or service. Break barriers by answering these questions yourself at the end of the live. Before answering them, make sure to say "thousands of people have asked me" or "I see some questions in the comments..." to transition to this portion of the Live.

You can "read" them from the comments, or have them ready just in case.

Now is the time to wrap up your Live. Make sure to leave your audience with a call to action and explain how they can get your product or sign up for your service!

And remember, the most important thing is to be yourself! Authenticity is what makes a live post a great one!